3D renders visualize what your digital prototype product could and should look like in production. They are picture-perfect static product shots. Consider overlaying your renders with explanatory graphics to obtain a highly informative product shot.

3D rendering is a great alternative to product photography, as well. Output an entire range of colourways in identical lighting conditions, without having any variants at hand.

Examples: static product shot,  explanatory product shot.

Detail view

Full-scale renders or overview images of a model benefit from the addition of detail views. By zooming in on sections of your product and enlarging them, the detail really comes to life. Make your ideas stand out by shining a light on the tiniest design details.

Section view

A section view drawing or sectional view removes parts of the object to provide a clearer view of the interior. By revealing parts that normally remain hidden to the eye, you can show off the clever inner workings of your design! Also check Exploded view.

Product in context

Adding context is important to visualize how and where your design will be used. Context adds meaning and purpose and helps put your product in perspective. Literally and figuratively.

Exploded view

When a high-tech product contains many intricate or small parts, an exploded view offers a clear visualization. The design is visually decomposed and the component parts are shown floating in mid-air. Now the human eye and mind can put the elements back together again, adding understanding in the process. By its very nature, this exploding / rebuilding process lends itself perfectly to dynamic visuals. Also check exploded view animations.

Interior concept

An interior concept is a 3D visualization of a location. Styling or restyling a room, furnishing or renovating offices … has never been so cost-effective and easy. From brainstorm to implementation, your interior concepts and decorative designs spring to life with furniture, colour schemes and layouts. All of which can be changed at the click of a button. Convince your stakeholders with visuals, and put the I SEE in your IDEA!


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