Trade shows and business events don’t have to be boring per se. But because they usually are, TEN came up with a great eye-catcher and … thirst-quencher, back in 2013. An ingenious, fully automated beer tap that gives out free rounds and really sets tongues wagging! Unsuspecting passers-by or tech-loving beer buffs … everyone loves a beer and a chat! And this eye-catcher can be a real icebreaker / dealmaker.

An exploded view animation is an eye-catching technique to illustrate the many small parts that are needed to make your high-tech product work. As its name suggests, this type of animation “explodes” – or reassembles – your product into an orderly squadron of floating parts. A lot of effort went into engineering these hidden parts, so why not show them off? If the need is purely practical, why not consider a straightforward, static exploded view?

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