Bekaert is a world market and technology leader in advanced steel wire transformation and coating solutions, and the world’s largest independent manufacturer of drawn wire products.


Even in the current economic climate Bekaert is still building new factories. Bekaert’s key to success is to optimize every construction project down to the tiniest detail, thereby rendering it future proof and future ready. To achieve that, Bekaert analyses its production processes to arrive at the most effective factory layout. Not the other way around. An unconventional approach, by any standards.


Anyone can imagine a factory, it’s not that hard. But what does the factory of the future look like? Even a managing board who have seen it all before, may want to see a bit more than a flowchart or a quote. If the engineers and process designers want to convince the brass of making new investments, they had better paint a perfect picture.

I see

Making things picture perfect is exactly what ONiKi does best. How do you go about the visualization of a production process? ‘Process’ comes from the Latin word processus, meaning progress or progression. When you say process you literally say moving forward. And how better to represent progress than with moving images? ONiKi’s animated 3D visuals can move heaven and earth. As well as the factory of the future. The clip shown here is just a tiny fragment of a much longer – and, understandably, top secret – animation.

An explainer or explainer video lets you dynamize and visualize even the most complex processes and concepts. It doesn’t just demonstrate how a product works, you can highlight its advantages and USP’s with overlays, subtly adding layers of meaning.

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