Bekaert is a world market and technology leader in advanced steel wire transformation and coating solutions, and the world’s largest independent manufacturer of drawn wire products.


You can read more on Bekaert’s factory of the future philosophy in this ONiKi-casus. That big picture, however, is made up of smaller elements. Although smaller is kind of an understatement in the case of the Sfinx. Still, even at the machine level, development is propelled and inspired by the optimization of process steps.


The Sfinx is not just a mysterious mythical creature, it is also a sophisticated machine to wind wires onto bobbins. And save some fingers in the process. If you would try to explain how the Sfinx works with mere words, you would soon hit the limits of human imagination. And human patience. How does one unravel the riddle of her technical ingenuity and convince management of how precious and practical their new investment will be?

I see

The answer is simple. ONiKi visualizes the mystery behind the magic with a sleek and stylish 3D animation that you can start, stop, ‘wind’ and ‘rewind’ to your heart's content. 

An explainer or explainer video lets you dynamize and visualize even the most complex processes and concepts. It doesn’t just demonstrate how a product works, you can highlight its advantages and USP’s with overlays, subtly adding layers of meaning.

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