ONiKi, that’s us, that is. A business unit of global engineering experts TEN agency. Our motto is When idea becomes I see. We’re all about the visuals, you see.


It’s a cliché, but a truism, as well: one picture says more than a thousand words. Communicating, sharing ideas or concepts, explaining something, teaching someone … sure, it can all be done in writing or speech, but visualize something and bam! Welcome to the realm of transparency, time saving and total experience. Add 3D visuals and you literally enter another dimension. Animate the picture and there you go, a fourth dimension opens up, flowing through time and space. Wanna bet that what you see is what you ‘get’?


ONiKi takes visualization to the next level. A well thought-out vision married to technical expertise, put to paper or conjured up on the screen in 2D, 3D and 4D, in VR, AR and MR. Not just for technical products or complex machinery but for abstract concepts and day-to-day objects, as well. Are you having a brilliant brainwave, but do the others fail to see what you mean? Just pull the trigger and spout it out.

I see

ONiKi makes even your average glue gun look like a showstopping masterpiece. You see?

Put some bang into your concept.
Put a face to your idea.
Glue people to the screen!

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