Dynamic visuals take things to the next level. By making objects move around, complex concepts become much more visual and easy to understand. ONiKi uses every trick in the book to put the I SEE in your IDEA. Here’s the most eye-catching ones.

  • motion graphics
  • product animations
  • animated scanned objects
  • walk-through animations
  • video compositing
  • video manuals

Our engineering background gives us an edge and an expertise you can trust. 

Motion graphics

Motion graphics is the standard term for animated graphic design. The distinction with animation is that text is usually a major component. Motion graphics– with text, graphical elements or both – is a very versatile and powerful tool. It can be used as a fun way to spice up a story or communicate a complex message. Enhance your storytelling with 2D animated graphics and full-blown 3D visual effects.

Graphic info overlays

When a video or visual doesn’t tell the whole story, overlay graphics can add meaning to what can be seen. They literally add an extra layer of content to explain what’s happening on screen. A simple arrow to indicate what a component does, for example. Animated titles to put a name to things. The possibilities are endless.

Productanimation (3D animation)

By moving and manipulating components of 3Dmodels, your product comes to life.

Discover product animation (3D animation)

Animated 3D scan

How do you discuss large sites or complex products with other stakeholders without something tangible or, at the very least, visual, to reference? This is where ONiKi’s scanning partner nio steps in. Your entire site, building or product is scanned by firing a laser beam at it at a speed of 1 million points per second. The scanner works its way through the vertical and the horizontal plane, 360°, producing an exact replica of reality. The generated  “point cloud” is supported and supplemented by thousands of photos, also made by the device. These are used to visualize the project, creating a viewer that can be converted into a 2D drawing, 3D CAD model and / or virtual reality at the request of the customer.

Walk-through animations

three-dimensional walkthrough animation is an amazing experience. It uses 360° video to take the viewer on an immersive guided tour of a space or building. Left, right, up, down, you are virtually there.

Video compositing

Video compositing integrates digital assets with live-action footage. Movies and games often use it to produce amazing finished shots. Drop in a stunning exotic background. Have a dinosaur pop up! Take your product visualization to the next level with digital highlights, enhancements and special effects that would otherwise be too costly or just impossible.

Video manual

When a product or its operation becomes quite complex, having only a printed or engineering manual just will not do anymore. It may actually complicate matters further without any “moving parts”. Time to consider a video manual, a step-by-step visualization of how things work or how a product should be assembled or installed. Success guaranteed.