While virtual reality immerses you completely in a virtual 3D world, augmented reality adds something to the real physical world around you. Mixed reality tries to bring this together by placing realistic 3D images in the real world, making it seem like they belong there. Apart from the technique used, it is always about placing the experience centrally.

  1. Virtual Reality
    A VR pair of glasses places a screen in front of your eyes so that you only see a virtual 3D world. A good virtual reality experience convinces you that you really are there. Example: look inside your new house before it is there.
  2. Augmented Reality
    With augmented reality you see the real world but something is added. For example, you will see a guideline appear while you are working on a machine without that line interfering with your field of view.
  3. Mixed Reality
    With a mixed reality application the possibilities of virtual reality and augmented reality come together. Realistic 3D images are placed in the real world. Example: you will see a 3D machine in your own work environment.