At ONiKi we believe in the power of an image. And we believe that visualizing your idea gives you the power to grow. Present your idea with a visualization that appeals to the imagination. Pitch your new product with an animated 3D movie. Whichever application you choose, visualization is a powerful tool to present your idea in an attractive way. ONiKi helps you open the door to success. Because your idea comes to life.

When do you choose visualization?

The visualization of an idea, a product or another solution offers an absolute added value in different situations:

  • Support for the marketing department
    Use a visualization as support of an idea, a product or another solution. It offers an absolute added value in different situations.
  • Support for the sales department
    Your sales employees must already be on the move to sell a product, but can not take the real product with you. Then a visualization is a powerful sales tool that can boost sales at a very early stage.
  • Support for HR
    Use visualization as a training & education tool. This way you can give your employees or customers a training or education and learn how to use a new product more easily.
  • Engineering tool
    With a visualization you can make both the inside and the outside of your product visible.

The 6 reasons to choose ONiKi

  1. You can count on a strong team of experienced experts
  2. A visualization helps to make your customers decide more quickly
  3. With a visualization you avoid complex photo shoots
  4. A visualization makes it possible to show a product in various perspectives
  5. With a visualization you can explain a complex product in an understandable way
  6. A visualization offers you maximum flexibility

Visualizations are suitable for the most diverse sectors

  • Automotive sector
  • Architecture
  • Medical world
  • Pharmaceutical world
  • Fashion
  • Industry
  • Production